Check on Compliance

Key issues that a PDE should consider as a check on compliance with the Contracts Committee

What are the key issues or questions that a PDE should put in mind as a check on compliance with the Contracts Committee, is it in place & performing its roles?

  • Procurement & Disposal Unit, is it staffed, facilitated & performing its role?·
  • Are relevant forms being filled in the PDE?·
  • Are Standard Bidding Docs being used in that particular PDE?·
  • Procurement Office and facilities?·
  • Are Procurement and disposal files for all contracts awarded being made & kept?·
  • Are Reference numbers being used & are they using the right format?· Procurement plans both departmental and the Master plan are they in existence?·
  • Micro-procurements records are they being kept?·
  • Monthly reports are they made & submitted to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority?·
  • Delegation if any is it in writing?·
  • A copy of the Act, Regulations and Guidelines?·
  • Providers’ list (pre-qualification)?·
  • Methods vs. thresholds?·
  • Does the PDE has Notice board and is it being utilised?·
  • Independence of roles and responsibilities of all persons involved in the procurement process is it being upheld?·
  • What about the ethical code of conduct as stipulated in the regulations and guidelines for both the staff & providers