July 13, 2021
PPDA Board, Management meet H.E, the President
August 20, 2021

On 1st July 2021, the government rolled out the Electronic Government Procurement System, also known as the eGP in eleven selected entities as a pilot project.

The eGP is a web-based tool used to carry out public procurement and disposal. It uses information and communication technology (ICT) to conduct the end-to-end government procurement and disposal process online. It involves all stages right from procurement planning, bidding, evaluation, award, contract management, invoicing, and payment for supplies, works and services.

The following entities are on the eGP system this financial year.

  1. Jinja District
  2. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA);
  3. Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development;
  4. Ministry of Water &Environment (MoWE);
  5. Mpigi District
  6. National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U);
  7. National Social Security Fund (NSSF);
  8. Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA);
  9. Ministry of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance;
  10. Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology
  11. Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA)

In the next 3 years, it will be deployed to all Government institutions.

The PPDA exists to Promote Service Delivery through Effective Regulation of the Public Procurement and Disposal System. Therefore, we have developed the eGP system to address the problems associated with the current paper-based procurement system. It will enhance competition, transparency, accountability and sustainable economic development. The system will also will lead to minimal physical interface between the bidders and government officials thus closing out one of the avenues of malpractices in public procurement.

The transparency and openness associated with the e-GP will lead to increased promotion of domestic businesses and chances for hitherto marginalized groups like women and SMEs to participate in government business. This is because all processes will be open and online including e-advertisement, invitation for tenders, downloading of tender documents, and submission of bids, bid opening, evaluation, and publishing the award of contract. Additionally, contractors will be able to submit their bids electronically from their own premises.

The e-GP system is also essentially template-driven and all the templates are available on the system. This makes all transactions standardized and traceable. Thus, there are reduced errors in the processing and documentation for providers which will improve on their capacity to prepare competitive bids.

The system will strengthen accountability by enhancing transparency and improved access to information from a central source. Because transactions are electronic, it will be easy to trail, trace and access data on the e-GP system for auditing, reporting obligations and accountability requirements.

The e-GP is also aimed at the involvement of the public in the government procurement and disposal processes. There will be public online access to all information such as:

  1. Annual procurement plans,
  2. Invitation for Bids,
  3. Best Evaluated Bids,
  4. Contract award details,
  5. Contract completion reports,
  6. Debarment/blacklisting/suspension lists,
  7. Procurement performance statistical and analytical reports,
  8. And other information of public interest published by the PPDA and procuring and disposing entities, (PDEs).

Most importantly, all tender opportunities will be posted on the system and will be accessible anywhere any time. There is also a good development for the business community because providers registered on the eGP will get automated alerts about any new opportunities posted on the system.

The eGP is also very secure for the bidders who want to do business with government. The system will ensure that only authorized users will be allowed to access given data and information. This is because it provides for encryption of providers’ bid documents from the time of submission up to the bid opening date and time.

Another important development that comes with the eGP is the registration of providers. The practise we have been having is for providers to either come to our offices to register or registering online and later coming to pick certificates. With this new system, however, once you register on the e-GP, you don’t have to come to the PPDA to pick a certificate. The system automatically generates a certificate which is sent to your mail for printing.

Better still, you don’t need to come to the PPDA to have it certified. An eGP generated certificate can be verified by anyone on the eGP portal.

We are thus appealing to all accounting officers across the government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and local governments to embrace the system and support the private to register and tap into the opportunities created by this new development.

Benson Turamye




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