What is the role of the PDU?

This is the procurement and disposal unit/department, staffed by procurement professionals, the size of the PDU will depend on the volume, value and complexity of procurements & upon appointment the PDU staff has to sign the Code of Ethical Conduct in Business ·

  • Plan the procurement and disposal activities of the PDE through the consolidation of the individual user departments procurement and disposal work plans into a Master work plan·
  • It manages the entire procurement process in the entity·
  • It seeks approval from the Contracts Committee on documentation, procedures, reports and recommendations at various key stages in the procurement process·
  • Support the functioning of the Contracts Committee by making timely and accurate submissions·
  • Implement decisions of the Contracts Committee·
  • Recommend procurement and disposal procedures for each requirement· Check statement of requirements (specifications) prepared by the users and/or assist with their preparation·
  • Prepare bidding documents – Supplies, Works, Services(consultancy and non consultancy)·
  • Prepare advertisements of bid opportunities· ·
  • Prepare advertisements of bid opportunities·
  • Issue bid clarifications in response to queries from the bidders·
  • Manage pre-bid meetings, bid closings and openings, keeping bids in safe custody·
  • Advise user departments on procurement and disposal methods and practices·
  • Issue approved contract documents –Lump sum, Time-based, Framework, Percentage –based, Cost reimbursable, Target price and Retainer contract· Manage the evaluation process – recommending members of EC and presenting EC report to CC·
  • Maintain and archive records from the procurement process·
  • Prepare monthly reports for the CC – on Procurements, Disposals and Micro-Procurements·
  • Co-ordinate all activities of the Entity·
  • Display procurement information on the public procurement notice board