What is Sale to Public Officers?

This is a disposal method as well & the conditions for its application are hereby under mentioned

  • Where there is no likely benefit or financial advantage to a PDE, in using any other method.·
  • Where assets for disposal are a small number of low value items which are unlikely to attract public interest.·
  • Where the personal use of disposal assets would directly benefit the performance of a public officer in the execution of his or her duties within a PDE.·
  • In remote location·
  • Public officer initiating disposal shall not participate as a bidder.·
  • Bids shall be solicited by the publication of a non-public invitation.·
  • Advertising period shall be at least 4 working days and bidding period shall be 10 working days.·
  • Written sealed bids·
  • Evaluation based on price only.·
  • PDE to send PPDA copies of all bids received, evaluation report and contract awarded