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Public Procurement facilitates Service Delivery

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority(PPDA) is sentising members of the public on the role of Public Procurement .
speaking at the Recently concluded Open Day organised by the world bank at Kololo independence grounds.
PPDA staff engaged members of the public on the Mandate of PPDA.
This is due to the fact that public services and goods are acquired through public procurement and therefore should be a concern of all ugandans.
The right to access information:
a) Procurement Plans: Government institutions are required by law to publish procurement plans on their notice boards to allow bidders know the procurements to be conducted in a financial year and make appropriate arrangements to participate in the procurement process.
b) Request for information on a bid: The PPDA Act 2003 empowers a bidder to request for information as to why they were not successful in a particular bid process. This enables bidders address weaknesses and prepare better bids for future procurements.
• Capacity building: PPDA conducts training and other capacity building interventions to provide knowledge, equipment and skills required in implementing the procurement and disposal procedures in the acquisition and disposal process. Different stakeholders such as Accounting Officers, Procurement Officers, Contracts Committee members, User Departments in government, political leaders, providers, civil society organizations and the media have been trained. This is aimed at reducing the rate of abuse of public funds in the name of ignorance of the law.