February 20, 2018

PPDA Staff and bidders after the meeting at Lake view Hotel Mbarara

Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) convened a meeting in Mbarara to train bidders in works, services and supplies on preparing responsive bids and emerging issues in Public procurement.

This is a part of the continuous capacity building programs by the authority for the different stakeholders in public procurement to ensure that all procurement activities are conducted in accordance with the provisions of the PPDA Law.


The government provides services to the people through public procurement and the bidders (business community) supply the required goods and services to the different entities inform of; goods, works and services.

The training discussed many issues including;

  • Requirements for Registration of bidders on the PPDA Register of Providers(RoP)
  • Thresholds for the different procurement methods
  • Procedure for Appeals for Administrative reviews at the entity level, PPDA and PPDA Tribunal.
  • Preparation of competitive bids

PPDA also cautioned bidders on the common challenges facing the bidding community like:

  • The capacity of local contractors and suppliers is still inadequate, to meet the desired standards of performance leading to shoddy work.
  • Providers abandoning sites thus several unfinished public works.
  • Forged documents by the providers such as; forged bid securities, forged income tax clearance, forged trading license, forged bid securities, forged experience etc and
  • Corruption issues where by some bidders have been propelled to pay bribes to win public tenders and end up compromising on the quality of work offered to government.

PPDA continues to build capacity of stakeholders through sensitization workshops, Contracts Committee clinics, hands on support and advice to bidders among others to create awareness on matters of public procurement.