PPDA Awarded for Promoting Transparency

December 5, 2017
Plan to Fight Corruption
February 12, 2021

The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) has been recognized for its role in promoting transparency and accountability in implementing of government projects.
For guiding government agencies, and spearheading adherence to procurement procedures, the PPDA has been recognized and given an award by CoST – the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative.
CoST is an international organization that works towards improving transparency and accountability in the implementation of public infrastructure.

It works with government, the private sector and the civil society to promote the disclosure, validation and interpretation of data from infrastructure projects. This helps to inform and empower citizens and enables them to hold decision-makers to account.

Receiving the award on behalf of the Executive Director, Edwin Muhumuza, the Director for Corporate Affairs noted that the PPDA will continue to work with stakeholders to enhance the monitoring of contracts.
“This vindicates our decisions to start partnering and working with Non-State-Actors to reinforce, supplement, and complement our contract monitoring work. It is an important gesture and a recognition of what we have been doing. It encourages us to even put in more effort because we can see, it is bearing fruit”.

In the 4th Uganda Assurance Report, published on 10th February 2021, Cost Uganda observes that “the culture of transparency is taking root in the country, with the CoST Assurance process working as a learning tool to consolidate disclosure practices”.

The assurance process focused on 23 public infrastructure projects from eight Procurement Entities. The Assurance process was spread through the sectors of Education, Health, Water and Environment, Works and Transport.

Twenty-two of the Assured projects cost approximately Uganda shillings 4.6 Trillion, an equivalent of USD 1,272 Million.

“Disclosure across the 23 projects was at an average of 62% an increase of 20% from the 3rdAssurance process which was at 42%. In regards to disclosure trends, Proactive disclosure increased from 43 to 55% whereas reactive disclosure tremendously increased from 42% to 70%”, the report adds.

To improve performance on disclosures and transparency, the reports recommends that, Government the PPDA should issue a standard disclosure template for infrastructure projects, accompanied with associated guidelines on how data can be disclosed.