Legal & Investigations Directorate

The Legal & Investigations Directorate

The directorate is composed of the following units:

Director Legal & Investigations-Mr.Uthman Segawa

Director Legal & Investigations-Mr.Uthman Segawa

  •     Legal,
  •     Board Affairs ,and
  •     Investigations

This directorate is responsible for several functions  which include:

  •  Preparing, updating and issuing authorized versions of Standard Bidding Documents (SBDs), procedural forms and any other attendant documents to PDEs;
  • Ensuring that any deviation from the use of the SBDs, procedural forms and any other attendant documents is effected only after approval.
  • Adopt, adapt and update common specification standards and issue guidelines for the public procurement and disposal system.
  • Coordinate Administrative Reviews and carry out investigations as mandated by the PPDA Act,
  • Support the Board in implementation of statutory requirements such as board meetings and other related committee meetings.