IPPU – Vision, Mission and Objectives

To make IPPU the leading Institute that promotes professionalism and ethical conduct in procurement and supply management in Uganda

2. Mission Statement:
IPPU aims at meeting stakeholder’s expectations by promoting professional development through world class service and superior service delivery.

The IPPU mission will be achieved through the following:

  • Setting Certification and standards for procurement professionals and practitioners
  • Procurement and supply chain management development, training and examination
  • Continuous Professional Development programs (Conferences/workshops) for its members
  • Networking both locally and internationally with other professions and Institutes
  • Providing and sharing knowledge through research and development

3. IPPU objectives

The major objectives of IPPU are

a) To regulate and maintain the quality, standards and ethical conduct of procurement and supply management professionals and practitioners.

b) To support the development of professional competence among Uganda’s Procurement and Supply chain managers

c) To ensure that membership with IPPU body is synonymous with professionalism.

d) To stay ahead of the rapid and radical changes that are constantly affecting the Procurement and Supply chain management profession

e) Representing interests of Uganda’s Procurement and Supply chain professional s and practitioners

f) Promote and encourage research and development in the area of Procurement and Supply chain management

g) To build procurement and supply management capacity in Uganda