Public Procurement

What is Public Procurement?
Procurement means acquisition by purchase, rental, lease, hire purchase, license,tenancy, franchise, or any type of works, services or supplies or any combination' up to the time a user consumes or utilises a service as per his requirement and in line with the procurement Act and regulations of the country

What is a Procurement Plan?
Section 34 (2) of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act, 2003 and Regulation 60 require the User Department to prepare a work plan for procurement based on the approved budget. ·

  • A Procurement Plan is a comprehensive statement of requirements to be procured over the life of the plan – usually one year.·
  • Procurement Planning is a systematic process of setting achievable procurement objectives. ·
  • It entails setting the strategies and defining the timeframe within which the objectives have to be achieved·
  • Its is consultative in such a way that users are supposed to develop their individual(departmental/sectional) procurement plans & eventually amalgamated into master procurement plans for the entire organization/ministry.

What is Micro Procurement?
The law sets procurement below 2 million thresholds as procurements which form in the micro procurement category. Here there is no Bid period, no evaluation done by the evaluation committee neither does the contracts committee approve them. However the law empowers the AO to appoint any person one or several in his/her entity to handle micro procurement and May upon his/her discretion reduce the value. However the AO remains accountable.