Post Primary Institutions

Are Post-Primary Institutions required to follow the PPDA law?

Yes, Post-Primary Institutions are covered under the PPDA law. These Institutions are far ends of the Ministry of Education and Sports as a PDE. While they are user units in one way, in another way they are public institutions entrusted with public funds. This entails conducting procurement and disposal through the structures and procedures that are prescribed by the PPDA Act.

However, a Guideline for procurement and disposal in Schools/ Post-Primary Institutions (Guideline Reference; 1/2004) is in place and this lays down procurement and disposal rules and regulations for goods, works and services. It customises the PPDA Act, Regulations to the school setting, however it is not intended to replace the Act or the Regulations and therefore users must consult the PPDA Act, Regulations frequently so as not to miss the detailed provisions required.

Who is the Accounting Officer in Post Primary Institutions?
The school Head teacher is the Accounting Officer