August 29, 2018
October 5, 2018

PPDA Ag.ED Mr.Benson Turamye and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament during the Annual review in Munyonyo recently

As a member of the sector, PPDA participated in the Accountability Sector Annual Review (ASJAR). A number of undertakings were made for various institutions under the sector during the Previous ASJAR meeting. The following were related to PPDA;

Amendment of the PPDA Act, 2003

The Draft bill has been submitted to the Cabinet secretariat for Cabinet approval by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The amendments are aimed at:

  1. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement
  2. Incorporation of emerging good practices and project delivery models
  • Strengthening the use of procurement as social economic development tool.

Implementing the Local content strategy

The Authority issued a new guideline No 1/2018 on 15th February 2018 to promote local content in public procurement. The new guideline introduces the Resident Providers who are providers incorporated in Uganda for at least two years. The main objective of the Guideline is to provide for mechanisms of increasing the input of local labor, goods and services in the procurement of public sector projects, goods and services within the country.

The guideline reserves at least 30% of the value of works through sub-contracting to resident providers and exclusive reservation for uniforms, medicines electric cables, all supplies of 1 billion and below, works of 10 billion and below and road works of 45 billion and below for resident and national providers.

In addition to the reservation schemes, PPDA is implementing preference schemes where the local providers are given a margin of preference of 15% for supplies and 7% for works and services during evaluation of bids under open international bidding.

Implementing E-procurement

The procurement of the systems vendor was completed and the contract was signed by European dynamics. The vendor embarked on the development and customization of the system and piloting of the system to 10 Entities is expected in FY 2019/20. The system is expected to increase transparency and improve efficiency in procurement procedures and practices.