The Corporate Directorate is composed of the following units:

  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strategic Partnership and Resource Mobilization
  • Information Communication Technology

The main roles of the Directorate include the following:

  • To take lead to ensure that the Authority's performance and efficiency in delivering on its mandate is continuous, that there is evidence based performance and that there is a system in place that ensures continuous improvement for quality delivery.
  • Identifying and developing strategic partnerships with key players in the industry in order for potential relationships to materialize through the effective/ quality performance of the Authority.
  • Ensuring that there is a systematic process and structure responsible for organizing and maintaining the Authority's data.
Internal Audit
Internal Audit evaluates the effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and governance process by directing its activities at systems and processes in the operations of the Authority.To ensure independence, Internal Audit reports functionally to the Board through the Audit and Risk Committee and administratively to the Executive Director.