What is the role of the Accounting Officer?

An Accounting Officer is a person who controls and is personally accountable to Parliament for the regularity and propriety for all resources wholly funded through the Consolidated Fund. ·        
•Responsible for the Entity’s overall procurement and disposal process·       
•Has overall responsibility for ensuring procurement funds are spent efficiently in accordance with applicable legislation·        
•Establishes a contracts committee·       
•Nominates the chairperson, secretary and members of the Contracts Committee (Treasury approve). After approval appoints them·        
•The power to terminate, remove or substitute a member of the contracts committee rests with the Accounting officer.·       
•AO to inform the Authority of the composition and qualifications of the members of the CC not later than 14 days from date of appointment·       
•Establishes a procurement and disposal unit (MPS recruits the procurement staff) and informs the Authority of the membership and qualifications of the PDU staff within 10 working days·       
•Commits funds to support a procurement or disposal activity·        
•Communicates award decisions·       
•Signs the awarded contract·        
•Responsible for investigating complaints from providers and issue a decision in writing within 15 working days·        
•Ensures implementation of the contract as per terms of the award·        
•In case of termination of contract by the CC, the AO implements that decision.